You and your family's safety should be the most important property.
LS803 keeps you and your family away from the dangerous of fatigue driving.

Step 2: Algorithm
Analyze the driver’s fatigue status according to PERCLOS algorithm. 

Step 1: Camera
non-contact infrared camera--capture human eyelid and retina status

Step 3: Alarm
Alert the driver by light and voice alarm if eyes not been detected in 2 seconds, well before they fall asleep at the wheel.

Step 4: Vibration
What can I do if the voice can't wake me up? Don't worry, we have vibrate here.
Vibration is more shocking than voice alarm, wake up the drowsy driver immediately.
Vibration is a silent alarm, wake up the driver only, instead of the passenger.

Step 5: Center Monitor

LS803 triggered

Send to the GPS tracker

Forward to the GPS tracking system

Driver with Glasses? Sunglasses?
No problem!

What can the monitor center do?

LS803 adopt special filters to remove irregular sunlight reflection, catch the pupil status only.

Drive at night, bad weather?
No problem

LS803 adopt Infra-Red LEDs ensure the sytem work even while drive at night or in other low light situations, this is a very important feature because most fatigue driving accidents occur late at night or bad weather.